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Lotus Esprit World offers a one off fee until the Esprit/item is sold*. You won't find a better deal to sell your Esprit! (and if you do, no, you can't have your money back!).

Why advertise on Esprit 4 Sale?

OVER 60 Esprits SOLD via in the last 15 months, that's 1 every week!
(03.2005 – 06.2006)

Used Car Centre page is viewed an average of 250 times every day!
(Figures for 2005 from 1&

Esprit4Sale has an average of 483 unique vistors every day!
(Figures for 2007 from 1&

Prices from 01.07.2010 (last increase was 12.02.2006)
* for a 4-6 Colour 'picture book' and a maximum of 100 words.
£18 for a Colour picture and a maximum of 80 words.
£12 for No picture and a maximum of 20 words.
£2 for amendments to your Ad (Sold sign is free of course)

To place an advert on Lotus Esprit World's USED CAR CENTRE, Fill in the form below with your details. Then email a picture(s) of your Esprit/Part/Item. Once these are received, your advert will be made up and you will then receive an email to say your advert is ready and awaiting payment. Once payment has been received (click on link below) your advert will been published on Adverts are normally published same or next day once payment has been received (exception being LEW's holiday). Clink 'Make a payment to Lotus Esprit World' below to find out how to pay for your advert.

If you don't have a digital picture, one can be used from the Library. Ads will cost the same and your add will be marked as using a library picture.

*This is what you get for £25. A picture that will flick every few seconds to a different picture of your Esprit. Help to show more of your Esprit and get your car noticed above the others.

DEMO of Picture Book option.

To get your advert to us, please email requesting an advert and we'll email you back with all the details we require. You can also add your pictures to the email reply. Once we have all the details, we can make your advert and we'll request payment. Then you advert will be pubilshed.

Any questions, please ask!

If your looking for some special advertising from Lotus Esprit World, ask what's on offers.

Please remember to inform Lotus Esprit World when your Esprit is sold.

Note to sellers
There is an internet scam going around at the moment. You may receive an email from someone interested in your car. He will ask if he can send you a larger amount of money and collect the difference when he picks the car up. He also sometimes offers you a large some for your troubles. These email are normally in bad English and stick out as a little different from the normal. This is a scam. Do not reply. The payments are forged and will not be excepted by your bank. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

This link explains the scam pretty

Western Union Please DO NOT use Western Union to transfer any money

*Please note, that due to a few customers not informing us of when their Esprit is SOLD, adverts over a year old will be removed unless the advertiser contacts us before this time. If the car is still for sale, then the advert will remain. If it's removed and the advertiser still wants to sell the Esprit, then they'll be a £5 republish fee, so make sure you tell us before the years up.

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