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Esprit Diagnostics
Stuff to help your PC find the fault on your fuel injected Esprit

This section brings you Diagnostic devices to help in fault finding on both 4-cylinder and V8 Esprits. FreeScan supports all 4 cylinder all Lotus Esprits models with GM Fuel-Injection. Basically from the SE onwards. OBD-II / EOBD interfaces which support the ISO protocol (used by Lotus) will support all V8 models.

Many problems can be diagnosed before a visit to a garage and with the help of our experts can be fixed either by the owner or valuable information can be taken to the garage, saving time and money. Diagnostics normally pay for themselves pretty quickly, come a problem, you'll kick yourself if you haven't bought one. Both small and large problems can be found and make owning an Esprit less daunting.

4-Cylinder Diagnostics
FreeScan Manual
From £25
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FreeScan Package SOLD OUT
From £105
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FreeScan USB PackageSOLD OUT
From £150

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    FreeScan Serial Exchange
From £50
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All our FreeScan Diagnostic cable have been tested and built for Esprit application only. We only use the best parts and have fully tested the design on all Esprit models with GM Fuel-Injection and on all the most popular computer platforms. You'll also get our free email help and log file analysing and report. Shipping within 5 working days, although we normally ship within 2 working days.


V8 Diagnostics
OBII Interface for Laptops
From £67.95
including VAT • More Info
OBII Pocket Code Reader
From £94.95
including VAT • More Info
EZ-Scan 4000
From £296
including VAT • More Info


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